What your colleagues need to know: FREE A5 leaflet

The cardinal signs of the disease infecting the NHS and how to treat it. What your colleagues 5 things doctors need to know and do-1need to know – and what they can do about it. A5 double sided leaflet. The latest in our growing range of resources to fight NHS privatisation. You can download/see both sides here. Produced in association with Keep Our NHS Public.

You can order copies from:

Mr Alan Taman (DFNHS’s Communications Manager)

FREE Campaigning Resource: ‘Tri fold’ Leaflet

This three-panelled, A4 information leaflet has the dual advantages of portability while packing a lot of Tri fold leaflet frontinformation. Containing DFNHS’s central argument , supported by graphics, as well as our aims and actions, it also displays useful quotes and the ‘E, no A’ image when closed. In combination with the A5 leaflet and A4 poster (see below), this gives you an assortment of free material to hand out and display to colleagues, or at public venues.

You can order copies from:

Mr Alan Taman (DFNHS’s Campaigns and Media Officer)

FREE Campaigning Resource: A5 Double-sided Leaflet

Ideal for handing out or bringing the point across in venues where a larger poster (see below) would prove A5 leaflet frontunwieldy, the A5 leaflet has the catching ‘E, no A’ image and central message on the front, with information about why DFNHS does what we do and how we work on the reverse.

You can order copies from:

Mr Alan Taman (DFNHS’s Campaigns and Media Officer)

FREE Campaigning Resource: Printable Poster – A4

We have produced an information and recruitment poster which can be downloaded andA4 poster web
printed off.

Available both in plain PDF format and as a Word document with text box to add your own details. A4 size.

Ideal for noticeboards, corridors, table-tops and coffee tables!

An A5 double-sided leaflet and a folded 3-panel also available, which can be requested to give out to colleagues and interested groups. See above.




NHS for Sale: Myths, Lies and Deception. Paperback

NHS for sale

Book by Colin Leys and Stewart Player:

This excellent book is essential reading if you want to make a critical evaluation of the future of the NHS.plot

Summary of content and method for ordering
NHSCA’s Executive Committee’s summarised Report of Lansley’s Bill

Reshaping the NHS and its implications for Consultants by Stewart Player with Colin Leys

This report describes in great detail how the NHS has arrived in its present parlous state and how this Bill will effectively destroy the NHS unless the profession musters meaningful opposition.

2011: 57 pages (the full report). Price £3.00 including postage and packing

In Practice: The NHS Market

This report describes the actual operation of the NHS market in contrast to the theories. It priced the NHS market for the first time and this estimate (£1.7 billion a year), based on official figures, was substantiated by the subsequent Audit Commission report ‘A price on their heads’.

1995: 29 pages . Price £3.50

Myths about the NHS and Rationing Health Care

This report describes the remarkably low cost of the NHS compared with health care in other industrialised countries. It criticises the current fashion in policy think tanks for advocating the rationing of NHS services before addressing resource shortages and evidence about the effectiveness of services.

1995: 12 pages. Price £3.00

The Mental Health Service

A report from psychiatrists in the NHS Consultants’ Association. It describes the present state of the mental health services for England and Wales as they relate to adults (mainly 16-65).

1997: 15 pages. Price £5.00

How to order

Titles are available from your local bookshop or limited availability from:

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