NHS Threats

The truth about the lies that encouraged NHS PFIs

Labour ministers only paid £5 billion of the £65 billion “spent” on building more than 100 hospitals between 1997 and 2010. The rest of the money, some £60 billion, must still be repaid by the taxpayer – with some of the gigantic debt lasting for more than 30 years.   The highest profile case concerns….

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Absence of evidence base for NHS reforms in England

The rule of ignorance: a polemic on medicine, English health service policy, and history. by John V Pickstone, research professor Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine University of Manchester Manchester M13 9PL, UK Over the past two centuries dogmatism and quackery have been substantially reduced in clinical medicine, albeit unevenly. Over recent….

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Private finance initiatives during NHS austerity

Ring fencing of private finance initiative payments prioritises investor returns over patient care and calls for tighter monitoring and renegotiation. The NHS is facing serious revenue pressures if it is to meet the target of £15bn-20bn efficiency savings by 2013-4. One important pressure for trust budgets in England is the annual private finance initiative (PFI)….

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Strangulation of South London Services

St George’s Hospital Tooting will ‘axe 500 jobs’ Unison claims that there are plans to cut 500 jobs in an attempt to save £55m in the next financial year. One wonders why such large cuts are needed when, unlike Barts/London, their massive PFI which was opened in 2003 only cost £48m. Barts/London are only planning….

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Is there an Insolvency Practitioner in the house?

Who will service the Debts of defunct PCTs – Alison Moore1 Public Finance 28 January 2011 Primary care trusts are in the exit lounge as ministers prepare to hand over NHS commissioning powers to GPs. But with many trusts heading for the red – and waiting times and rationing on the rise – could creating….

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Minister cherry-picks “evidence”

Health minister Paul Burstow is making the same errors on overstating NHS failings as his boss Andrew Lansley. One thing you hope for, with politicians, is that they won’t make the same mistakes over and over again. Last week’s Guardian highlighted how the government had overstated the failings of the NHS by using dodgy figures….

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