NHS Threats

Change policy not leader

Dear Sir, So the government is taking a beating and “the most talked about solution is changing the leader”. Have politicians become so out of touch and cynical that they have forgotten it might be their policies that voters are rejecting? Earlier this month I was at a packed meeting in Edinburgh where Nicola Sturgeon,….

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The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (III) has produced a draft Directory of Ambulatory Emergency Care. In this they recommend that most emergency patients admitted to hospital with certain conditions should be treated in the community. They claim that 90% of current hospital admissions pulmonary embolism, transient ischaemic attacks and deep vein thrombosis, and….

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Coming to an SHA near you – CATS, ICATS, ISCATS…how long till the NHS disappears in your region?

Prof Janet Wilson, Consultant ENT surgeon in Newcastle upon Tyne, contemplates the reconfiguration from NHS to NHI – national Health Insurers Enjoy the freedom to read this missive, comrades – such commentary from NHS employees could soon be a thing of the past. Not, of course, that free speech is under threat, merely the NHS…..

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