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NHS For Sale Authors on the NHS

DFNHS member Dr Jacky Davis and Dr David Wrigley, two of the authors of NHS For Sale, were interviewed by BBC Merseyside’s Roger Phillips while they were in Liverpool for the BMA conference on 24 June. They pulled no punches about what was wrong with the NHS, and how the government was steadily marketising our….

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PFI Fire Safety Failure: The First of Many?

The first trust to engage with a PFI scheme, Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle, has encountered major problems with fire safety owing to construction flaws. These are now being put right – at public expense. Which raises a grave question: who pays for PFI failures? It looks to be the public. (more…)

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The Greatest Show on Earth? It should be

The power of entertainment will be used to tell the truth about what is happening to the NHS: it will also give a very good night out. Bring Back the NHS is a star-studded celebration about the NHS and will happen on Friday 24 April at Westminster Hall, London, 1900.  (more…)

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