Lewisham – no decisions about me without me !!??

The Draft Report of the Trust Special Administrator (TSA) called in to deal with the financial crisis at South London Healthcare Trust centres mainly on changes at the neighbouring University Hospital Lewisham. It is proposed that this hospital should lose its A&E and its critical care, complex surgery and complex medical services, despite the fact….

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Gaming in the English NHS

The first article by Jonathon Tomlinson a GP from Hoxton (inner city London GP practice) on this website, gives you an insight into how the market has “forced” hospitals to use gaming tactics in order to finance their budget. You should read this in conjunction with Matthew Dunnigan’s research showing the exorbitant way in which….

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The Bill that till Effectively Legalise Fraud

As the government looks to open up the NHS further to private companies, it has been as coy in its description of the companies looking to profit from this as the companies themselves. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley hardly mentions that these companies will be making a profit from his reforms, preferring to talk about modernisation….

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The Plot Against the NHS by Colin Leys

This lecture, given at Goldsmiths College, is based on the book The Plot Against the NHS, by Colin Leys and Stewart Player, published on April 14th. The common view of the changes proposed in the government’s Health and Social Care Bill is that they would be the most radical changes ever made to the NHS…..

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Private finance initiatives during NHS austerity

Ring fencing of private finance initiative payments prioritises investor returns over patient care and calls for tighter monitoring and renegotiation. The NHS is facing serious revenue pressures if it is to meet the target of £15bn-20bn efficiency savings by 2013-4. One important pressure for trust budgets in England is the annual private finance initiative (PFI)….

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Strangulation of South London Services

St George’s Hospital Tooting will ‘axe 500 jobs’ Unison claims that there are plans to cut 500 jobs in an attempt to save £55m in the next financial year. One wonders why such large cuts are needed when, unlike Barts/London, their massive PFI which was opened in 2003 only cost £48m. Barts/London are only planning….

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