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4 March, London: Let Us Stand

There is going to be a very large gathering of determined people this Saturday, 4 March, in London. The ‘It’s Our NHS’ demonstration, organised jointly by Health Campaigns Together and the People’s Assembly, promises to have a turnout out well into the thousands – there have been reports of coaches coming from all over the….

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Royal College says NHS needs more money now

The Royal College of Physicians is calling for the government to increase NHS funding substantially this year, as well as improve spending on social care and public health, otherwise “patient care will continue to deteriorate” as the current shortfalls are “now having a significant impact on the ability … to deliver safe and effective patient….

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Plans made to short measure

The familiar winter pressures bring cancelled operations which have become regular features of hospital life. The good British public accept them with customary stoicism, carrying their share of the burden by waiting longer. But such cancellations are costing us dearly, not only through the inconvenience of delayed treatment but through the waste of resources not being….

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Weekend patients die sooner so the weekend must be to blame? The false assurance of the 7-day myth

The Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners warns of weekday chaos unless the government abandons its drive to achieve “seven day working” for family doctors. Perhaps of greater concern is the effect routine “seven-day working” will have on hospital patients. Doctors in emergency specialties already work 7 days a week. With staff levels stretched….

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Press Release: The BMA has spoken – STPs will mean hospital closures

[20 November 2016] Doctors for the NHS have welcomed the BMA’s latest statement[1] about the true nature of the government’s Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and point out that these plans – formulated in secret – are going to mean massive and widespread hospital closures, masquerading under false reassurances about ‘centralising’ services. [1] BMA press….

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More consensus to save our NHS: easy with the Mayo!

How the world’s best hospital gets the best out of its staff – an inspiring presentation at yesterday’s King’s Fund Annual conference from Professor Stephen Swensen of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota – left me with the resounding and redolent irony that a leading US health institution should reject the excesses of marketplace ideals….

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