An NHS beyond the market

While dedicated to the abolition of the NHS market, the NHSCA recognises the need to put forward constructive alternatives. On June 14th a round-table event was held for this purpose. It was hosted by the BMA in association with the NHSCA, the NHS Support Federation, and the Keep Our NHS Public campaign (see June Newsletter)….

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Private sector treatment centres are treating less complex patients than the NHS

A study in the J R Soc Med by Anne Mason, Andrew Street, and Rossella Verzulli, coming to the conclusion that some private companies provide poor quality data. In general, the NHS is treating more complex patients than private providers. If complexity drives costs, then a fair reimbursement system would require higher payments for NHS….

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Takeover of GP services by profit-led companies threatens traditional family GPs

A growing number of GP surgeries across the country are being run by profit-led companies according to research published by the NHS Support Federation. This trend has been underestimated according to the study, which looked at contracts put out to tender to run surgeries and health centres across England. The report – NHS Unlimited? Who….

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The cost of the market

Published in “The Observer” Sunday March 26th 2009 Sir, Andrew Rawnsley is surely correct in suggesting (Comment 22nd March) that public services will have to bear their share of belt tightening. When this happens it is essential that the cuts fall where they do not damage essential services but are directed at areas where real….

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Selling off the NHS?

Many industries and banks may be sliding into recession world-wide, but private health care providers have a smile on their face as they look forward to rich pickings from our National Health Service. They love the government’s determination to divert a growing share of the NHS budget from public services to the private and “independent”….

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CCSC statement on CATS and ICATS

Primary Care Trusts in Cumbria and Lancashire have issued a consultation seeking the public’s views on the establishment of a Clinical Assessment, Treatment and Support (CATS) service in Cumbria and Lancashire. Plans to roll out a similar scheme in Greater Manchester are also underway. This is called Integrated Care Assessment and Treatment services (ICATS) and….

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