Doctors for the NHS (NHSCA): believing that service should come before profit.

We are a campaigning organisation for the restoration of the NHS as a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable service. This means the abandonment in England of the market based policies of the last 20 years, primarily by abolishing their key feature, the artificial separation into “purchaser” and “provider” as has already been achieved in the rest of the UK.

The NHS is under the greatest attack in its 66 year history. We hope GPs, doctors in training as well as consultants will join us to fight to keep its core values alive.

Our members are drawn from primary and secondary care, trainees and Public Health doctors; all who hold the ideals of the NHS dear and believe passionately that service should come before profit. Read more »

Conservative Government: What Next?

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With a Conservative government in power, what can we expect for the NHS? Not good news, we'll warrant. But unless we oppose what is otherwise going to happen, the NHS will fragment and privatise even faster. Join us to stop this. We've listed the manifesto statements of the main parties opposite. All is not lost. We have much work to do. Help us – join today.